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"PARENTING FOR PEACE (P4P) - Nurturing Joyful, Loving and Skillful Childhood for World Peace" "પેરેન્ટિંગ ફોર પીસ (પી ફોર પી) - પ્રેમ, આનંદ અને આવડત ભર્યા બાળ ઉછેર થકી વિશ્વ શાંતી"

Parent's Sharing Session every Saturday

Many parents wanted to share their experience and ask questions too.

Because of lack of time team P4P could not answer all.

some of You may have many things to ask to our team.

we have kept one open interactive session for such parents on next Saturday 2/1/2021 at 9 pm .

Link will be sent to all .